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31 Jul 2017

On the backdrop of some technical issues in Windows computers due to the Windows 10 Anniversary Updates, Sage has advised its customers not to install the Anniversary Updates on their Windows 10 computers as it may attract some serious issues with the accounting program.

It’s not new to the Windows 10, as the operating system has largely been under fire since the time it was first introduced. Over the period, Microsoft has, although, addressed some critical problems by introducing updates and new tools, however, it is not technically preferable for all software packages.

Similarly, Sage has some concerns over the way how Windows 10 develops issues abruptly with the installed applications and software packages. For...

04 May 2017

Converting data files from QuickBooks to Sage 50 is no longer an easy business - there are some important technical tips that you need to go through rather than trying out your own techniques. It’s critical because of the involved data files that you would never like to lose in any circumstances. To cope with any possible issues, you would better get ready with a reliable and effective technical solution that you can use at any moment in time.

As of my experience with the similar challenge in the past, I would always recommend you to prefer only those options that may really work for you. If possible, you should go down to the web world and browse some relevant pages for more technical details. Its official page