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20 Apr 2017

If you look into the way how Intuit helps QuickBooks to reactivate their Payroll subscriptions, you will find it quite easy and convenient. But the thing doesn’t go easy for always. There are some common technical obstacles that may stop you from reactivating or renewing your QuickBooks Payroll subscription.

When I got the subscription about two years ago, I was informed that the renewal of the service would take place automatically. To avail of the automated renewal procedure, I was instructed to follow some important technological tips – I did so and believed the renewal of Payroll would happen automatically before the due date. But what happened after one year was quite troublesome. I was informed that the Payroll...

18 Apr 2017

My dad has been in the apparel and textile printing business for over seven years. He had used many credit cards processing services including Intuit QuickBooks mobile processing. He had been using Intuit QuickBooks for over 15 years. Taking my suggestion this year, he decided to switch to QuickBooks online. The accounting software program from Intuit had a service newly introduced that you can use to have costumers pay directly with a credit card. We registered for that, it took just 5 minutes and we were accepting credit cards within two days after bank account was verified.

Everything was going smoothly until one of our top clients decided to pay 30% of approximately a 50k invoice. The credit card went through and we got...

05 Apr 2017

When I first launched the Payroll in my QuickBooks, it popped up a new window asking me to set up employees. Though it was looking easy and simple, I started doing so on my own. After a few steps, I happened to know the process was quite challenging to handle some of its required areas.

But I could manage to overcome all the challenges easily with the help of some technicians. So if you are also of the same opinion that setting up employees in QuickBooks Payroll doesn’t have any technical challenges, then you must learn from my personal experience. It is no longer an attempt to terrify you, on the contrary, I just want to ask you to remain aware and connected to the experts if you don’t want to see any sorts of...