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25 Jul 2017

If you look into the challenges faced by small businesses, you will find most of them related to the way how to handle their business books. Today, in the age of technology, the problems have been resolved by some accounting programs; however some of the core issues are still there in place.

But Intuit’s QuickBooks comes up with so many advanced features and tools for the small businesses to address all the key challenges in their business accounting. As you will find every updated copy of QuickBooks with new capabilities, you will hardly find an element in your books to have any glitches.

However, you should never ignore some possible technical issues if you don’t want to come through any sorts of technical problems...

02 May 2017

QuickBooks invoicing helps to enable a company to automate their invoicing process. And as a result, buyers, suppliers, and other managers gain a number of operational and strategic benefits. In addition to cost savings, the ability to automate the invoicing process and integrating with other business systems provides business efficiency and revenue generation opportunities while using QuickBooks. But apart from all, there are possibilities that there might be some issues with the invoice if it is the duplicate.

 The duplicate invoice can become a huge problem for an organization. While using the account managing software a QuickBooks user may find the duplicate invoice, which is a huge problem for an organization....

18 Apr 2017

My dad has been in the apparel and textile printing business for over seven years. He had used many credit cards processing services including Intuit QuickBooks mobile processing. He had been using Intuit QuickBooks for over 15 years. Taking my suggestion this year, he decided to switch to QuickBooks online. The accounting software program from Intuit had a service newly introduced that you can use to have costumers pay directly with a credit card. We registered for that, it took just 5 minutes and we were accepting credit cards within two days after bank account was verified.

Everything was going smoothly until one of our top clients decided to pay 30% of approximately a 50k invoice. The credit card went through and we got...

05 Apr 2017

When I first launched the Payroll in my QuickBooks, it popped up a new window asking me to set up employees. Though it was looking easy and simple, I started doing so on my own. After a few steps, I happened to know the process was quite challenging to handle some of its required areas.

But I could manage to overcome all the challenges easily with the help of some technicians. So if you are also of the same opinion that setting up employees in QuickBooks Payroll doesn’t have any technical challenges, then you must learn from my personal experience. It is no longer an attempt to terrify you, on the contrary, I just want to ask you to remain aware and connected to the experts if you don’t want to see any sorts of...