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17 Apr 2017

I have been Norton customer for more than a decade, and one compliment I can give the antivirus brand is that its products work better. I have used their anti-virus for more than 10 years and never got virus in my system. Now that is out of the way, let me explain the problem that made me feel nothing like a hell.

It was all due to the updated version of Norton which I renewed online. As an old customer I had trust on Norton service, so I didn’t read terms and conditions and renewed it again. At the end of the year, I had to travel abroad for my family trip, so I didn’t renew it. But it shocked me that the amount was deducted from credit card automatically without prior information. On the way to London, I checked my...

12 Apr 2017

I tried a number of things to help me fix or narrow down the connection problem in Microsoft Windows 10, but nothing worked. I felt distressed. The problem is the time when I newly purchased Microsoft universal Windows 10 and installed it on my laptop. I was very happy seeing a number of updates and new things in Windows 10. After using it smoothly for some time period, the problems started taking place. The problem that I faced, using Microsoft Windows 10 was with the network connection issue.

It was not into my diary to keep the problem for a longer time. So I tried up hitting the right solution to destroy the problem carrying network issue. For the same, I took the help of Bing and searched for consistent resolution. As...

12 Apr 2017

Sometimes, your Canon printer may not start due to some unknown reasons, or you may know about some persistent technical issues that may possibly be causing the issue. Whatever the condition you come across, it is ultimately an irritating technical issue that you would never want to see on your advanced Canon printer machine. Most of the time, the issue is generally caused due to corrupted printer driver software suite or other programs.

On the other hand, some of the users could resolve the problem by simply unplugging and re-plugging the power cable properly. Replacing the cable with a new one can also be a helpful way of addressing the issue.

I used to believe the startup issue with a printer machine was not as much...

11 Apr 2017

It’s quite a frustrating moment when you have no Sage 50 data files left in the hard drive, and you need to get your data file backed to your computer system. Actually, I haven’t experienced such conditions by now - thank God! I have multiple backup copy to deal with such frustrating conditions - however, I thought to browse some relevant details on the situation so that I could understand how to overcome the situation easily without any technical obstacles.

I stared from the official page and came to know what the users experienced when the issue takes place. Some of the widespread questions that I found are:

·        “I use a Sage 50-Canadian backup but I don’t know how to take my data...

07 Apr 2017

I had an opinion “Mac never fails.” But I happened to know, in a short while, that every machine and software suite is exposed to some sorts of technical glitches. Though the technological integrity of Mac computer is unparalleled, but it is never quite immune to technical flaws.

When I got my first Mac, I was quite excited; why I should not be so, as owning a Mac computer was not simply limited to my love for Apple, rather it was necessary for me in terms of my professional needs. But due to some technical errors and data files issues, I started experiencing slow performance on my Mac. Being an informed user, I didn’t delay in approaching experts for a reliable and effective resolution.

As suggested, I went through...

06 Apr 2017

I was not aware of the registration issue with Quicken and I was worried if I will be able to register to Quicken or my account will be expired. I was worried for the loss which I would face if the registration time would fail. Then I searched for the reliable help from various Quicken support resources. Some resources suggested me to go for official website of Quicken; there I started looking for the support. An option lied there which was Quicken support, and through the option I was able to fix up the registration error.

I was using non US domain, so the registration problem was not fixed. I was said to use the US number to register when I was called to resolve my issue regarding registration with phone number for...

05 Apr 2017

When I first launched the Payroll in my QuickBooks, it popped up a new window asking me to set up employees. Though it was looking easy and simple, I started doing so on my own. After a few steps, I happened to know the process was quite challenging to handle some of its required areas.

But I could manage to overcome all the challenges easily with the help of some technicians. So if you are also of the same opinion that setting up employees in QuickBooks Payroll doesn’t have any technical challenges, then you must learn from my personal experience. It is no longer an attempt to terrify you, on the contrary, I just want to ask you to remain aware and connected to the experts if you don’t want to see any sorts of...