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28 Apr 2017

Having been one of the most common technical issues, blocked Apple ID password is never a good thing that a user should endure for a long. Once the credentials are denied, you will no longer be able to avail of the Apple services such as iCloud, FaceTime, iTunes, iMessage, and others. And if your denied to access these services due to your blocked credentials, then don’t worry - you are not alone here.

I got a chance to scroll down some pages at Apple community page - as I was on the lookout for some other topics - I stumbled upon some interesting stories shared by some Apple users. It was quite beyond my expectations. They all were talking about the way how they easily managed to reset their Apple ID password through a...

26 Apr 2017

No doubt that Windows 10 has come with a smash hit. New retro look with great performance has made it the coolest and unbeatable versions in Windows family. The new look with other exclusive changes are really loved by users. But sometimes the smashing performance might come with some negative performance while using it.

The chances were not there, but still, the issue arose when the location was mandatorily required for the proper functioning of the operating system. But sometimes the behavior went so irritating that it was impossible to handle it.

Many of my close relatives mentioned that Windows 10 asks for the location every time, and it becomes annoying. Even when I use my computer, then the Cortana asks for the...

25 Apr 2017

Fixing issues with uninstalling procedure is mandatory for the Windows users. Generally, it happens when we want to remove some software suites and it doesn’t process. At that moment we feel annoyed seeing the unwanted software every time.

Many people whom I know have reported the issue with the uninstalling process. They tried to uninstall the unwanted software using Windows removal tool but were not able to do so. They tried in many ways to resolve the issues using Windows remove tool and opt other options, but lastly, they failed to resolve the issue.

One day, while gossiping with my college friends I came to know about the similar issue which I had heard from many other people. So I tried to find a...

25 Apr 2017

Freezing and hanging issue with Outlook is never a huge problem, since such obstacles can easily be addressed if you have a direct access to the helpdesk. With some contemporary and worthwhile solutions, it is always easy and simple to resolve the issue with the utmost accuracy.

But it all depends on the technicians you have selected for. Apart from the official helpdesk, there are some reliable third-party professionals who have continually been offering their expertise and contemporary Outlook help to support the users in several manners. Best of all, they are even quicker and more accurate when compared to the official professionals. However, I don’t find it worthwhile to ignore the importance of official professionals...

20 Apr 2017

If you look into the way how Intuit helps QuickBooks to reactivate their Payroll subscriptions, you will find it quite easy and convenient. But the thing doesn’t go easy for always. There are some common technical obstacles that may stop you from reactivating or renewing your QuickBooks Payroll subscription.

When I got the subscription about two years ago, I was informed that the renewal of the service would take place automatically. To avail of the automated renewal procedure, I was instructed to follow some important technological tips – I did so and believed the renewal of Payroll would happen automatically before the due date. But what happened after one year was quite troublesome. I was informed that the Payroll...

19 Apr 2017

I wanted to keep my Windows 10 PC safe for that I thought that I would have to go to great lengths to search for and install security software to achieve this. But fortunately, I had not to go for that because the integrated security solutions Microsoft bundles with its OS are perfectible serviceable efforts.

Microsoft firewall is one-half of Microsoft’s basic effort to keep a PC safe from malware and other attacks, so I installed it but I was not able to configure it. There started the problem, as I ran into a problem for keeping my PC safe from malware and other hurdles. I tried to configure it out but I wasn’t able to do that.

Thinking about the safety I had to take a hard step to keep my PC safe while using...

19 Apr 2017

I didn’t expect of the situation when I unexpectedly ran into a serious technical issue with Parallels Desktop. As I was said, Parallels Desktop is a unique virtual machine that allows the users to install Windows OS and applications on Mac without any technical issues. It can potentially excite anyone who looks forward to avoiding additional expenses on buying a new Windows computer system.

But what I experienced with the virtual machine was really unexpected - neither Windows OS nor any Windows application program was technically getting installed on the Parallels Desktop VM.

Undoubtedly, the situation could take me through unnecessary and enduring inconveniences. But I overcame the situation with the help...

18 Apr 2017

My dad has been in the apparel and textile printing business for over seven years. He had used many credit cards processing services including Intuit QuickBooks mobile processing. He had been using Intuit QuickBooks for over 15 years. Taking my suggestion this year, he decided to switch to QuickBooks online. The accounting software program from Intuit had a service newly introduced that you can use to have costumers pay directly with a credit card. We registered for that, it took just 5 minutes and we were accepting credit cards within two days after bank account was verified.

Everything was going smoothly until one of our top clients decided to pay 30% of approximately a 50k invoice. The credit card went through and we got...

18 Apr 2017

Since working with Outlook email program and more particular with its other tools and applications, it is very possible that most of us have once encountered an unexpected and abrupt crashing issue in Outlook email program. If you list out some of the most common issues with the email program, it will somehow get featured in top issues that every users come through once in a while or frequently.

And what I find the most exciting thing with the technical issue is its widespread solution that every user can get access to at any point in time. As far as my own experience is concerned, it hardly took me through enduring inconveniences; however there is a huge possibility of unwanted problems due to an increased rate of...

17 Apr 2017

I have been Norton customer for more than a decade, and one compliment I can give the antivirus brand is that its products work better. I have used their anti-virus for more than 10 years and never got virus in my system. Now that is out of the way, let me explain the problem that made me feel nothing like a hell.

It was all due to the updated version of Norton which I renewed online. As an old customer I had trust on Norton service, so I didn’t read terms and conditions and renewed it again. At the end of the year, I had to travel abroad for my family trip, so I didn’t renew it. But it shocked me that the amount was deducted from credit card automatically without prior information. On the way to London, I checked my...