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11 May 2017

After you have installed Outlook- either from Office 365 or from one of the Microsoft suites- you can add one or more email accounts. For example, if you are an Office 365 customer, you can add your Office 365 email to Outlook. You can also add your personal email accounts, like Gmail or Yahoo accounts.

But you could not set up the account due to the technical hindrance, then you need the fixable solution, to set up the Outlook account. This issue is not certain it may happen to anyone. And sometimes this could not hit your Outlook account. No one could find the time with whom and when the issue can take place.

So it's better to find the right solution so that you can get the issue resolved. The best way to get the hindrance fixed was provided to me by a genius, who once tried the way to come out of the glitch. And even I got the support by using that way.

It is the most reliable and easy way, where you can go and get the support instantly. This is the way by which you can get the right ways to solve the glitch. The way which I am discussing is provided by Outlook officially. And this way you can solve the hurdle.

To go to the way you need to follow following steps:

•    Open Google Chrome, or the other which you have on your computer.

•    Then search for Microsoft Outlook help there, through the search dialogue box.

•    If you want to use the direct way, then you can directly use , and this will redirect you to the official website.

•    After this click on the search tool from the support website, and search for web chat.

•    Using web chat put your problems in the chat box.

And hence, you can get the support. If you want to go through another official way, then  you can use these ways:

•    From the search box, search for contact Outlook support number, and there you can get the support from customer care rep.

•    Or you can use community support to get the support from the community posts.

These are the most reliable way which will help you to find the right solution to fix the Outlook Email set up an issue.

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