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18 Apr 2017

My dad has been in the apparel and textile printing business for over seven years. He had used many credit cards processing services including Intuit QuickBooks mobile processing. He had been using Intuit QuickBooks for over 15 years. Taking my suggestion this year, he decided to switch to QuickBooks online. The accounting software program from Intuit had a service newly introduced that you can use to have costumers pay directly with a credit card. We registered for that, it took just 5 minutes and we were accepting credit cards within two days after bank account was verified.

Everything was going smoothly until one of our top clients decided to pay 30% of approximately a 50k invoice. The credit card went through and we got no notification in regards to any possible hold or reviews. So, we simply expected the fund to hit our bank within two working days, when the fund didn’t show on time then without wasting the time, we called to QuickBooks contact support center and they forwarded to risk management zone. They informed us that the amount charged was larger than our normal charges, and we did business of more than 200k per month and every client doesn’t pay with credit card, and most importantly the bank account was totally new.

For all these issues rising with QuickBooks irritated us, where most importantly it wasn’t bad enough to hold for an hour for the right order of solution. But things went hilarious when we didn’t get any solution. My mind gave the red signal to my patience. I directly disconnected the call and searched for other option which can help us fixing the problem, so there was which was a ray of hope. Using contact QuickBooks tech support page we were able to come out of the credit card payment problem. And we received the amount back.

After that incidence, there were no issues in using QuickBooks, and for all credit goes to the support QuickBooks team and the experts. If you are also facing the same hurdle with credit card payment, then this way will absolutely help you. 

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Quickbooks Support | 9 months 4 hours ago
QuickBooks Support enables subscribers to save time and money in troubleshooting software issues. The software is highly effective and efficient and it wholly automates the management of accounting.

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